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Finding You The Right Products With Speed & Ease

Sourcing products opens up a world of opportunity and gives your firm the ability to expand your brand without blowing the bank! Let us find what you are looking for.

What most our clients soon discover once they start the process is there happens to be a similar product already in production. Designing and bringing a new product to market can be costly. Sourcing products will save you time and money so your precious resources can be spent making more profits. This is a good thing!
Tweaking details while adding your brand to the product and packaging means a quick turn-a-round giving you the ability to focus on the future. While weighing your options to see if this fits in your business model, consider that many well known companies choose this over the former. Sourcing is smart, leaving you headache free and money in your pocket.

Endless Options

The short answer to your question is we can find the right product you’re looking for. The Clutch Group is more than just a data base you scroll through. We want to work with companies that have a vision already in mind when they contact us, no matter how big or small your operation may be.

Personalized Service

We pride ourselves on building a relationship with our clients. Interacting with our clients is a key component to achieving this. By working one on one we save you hours of mindless research and provide valuable insights that will make your project a success!

Starting Simplified

We make getting started easy and enjoyable, even for the small start up with a limited budget (we were there once too!). With reasonable minimum orders and our resources, we make finding what you need painless so you can focus on selling the product once it arrives.

Sourcing Is For Everyone!

Yes, many¬†well known companies obtain their products through sourcing. Because it’s easy to rebrand the products as your own it’s a perfect way to enter the market. And for those companies with a limited budget, sourcing becomes an unparalleled avenue for generating revenues!

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