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The Last Step Before You Get Your Product

We would be remiss in saying that this step does feel a little like Christmas morning. Whether you feel it or not, the pressure is on. The real work now begins!


Shipping is easy, you just need to decide on whether you want it air freighted or shipped on cargo. Both have their pro’s and con’s. Luckily this step is last, because it really depends on the products you’re bringing in.


¬†On arrival your products sit in customs for a few days. This time allows you to prep your warehouses for the impending inventory. Unfortunately speeding up the customs process is out of our hands; a feeling we don’t like!

To Your Business

This is our favorite part, when our customers finally receive their inventory. As with shipping, we can make multiple arrangements for you to obtain your goods. Depending on time frames and monetary resources, the sky is the limit.
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