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We Are Dedicated To Producing The Best Products Possible

We are strongly committed to working with manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and craftmanship.

The goal of The Clutch Group is to provide quality products at a fair price to our clients everywhere.  We are strongly committed to working with manufacturers in and out of the United States. We only work with manufacturers that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. We believe the end product is the result of the care and expertise that goes into the process.
This process begins with a manufacturer that cares deeply about the quality of their craft, and who works tirelessly to produce the best products possible. We care about the end product as much as you, that’s why when working with manufacturers overseas, we have been meticulous in identifying the highest quality facilities with years of experience at the helm. This is why we are a trusted resource for businesses alike.

Your Vision

You came to us with a purpose and a vision of what you want to source or create. It would be a shame to lose site of this purpose. The Clutch Group helps keep your vision alive through the manufacturing process! 

Our Network

Because of our vast network of manufacturing facilities we have endless capabilities of producing the right product you want. Most facilities can retool machines to manufacture unique specialized parts.

Your Involvement

We work hand in hand with our clients so they feel a part of the manufacturing process. Although we do all the heavy lifting, we answer to you. After all, it’s your vision we are bringing to life. Your involvement is key to succeeding!


Helping You Along The Way!

Knowing what road blocks stand in your way can mean the difference between success and failure. We want you to succeed. With so many years of experience behind us, we’ve made the mistakes so you don’t. Our team of professionals are committed to seeing you succeed! With so many variables involved it’s good to have someone like us on your side.

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Understanding Your Needs!

We know your product is unique and requires an understanding of the industry you are in. While we may not be an expert in your industry we are one in ours. That’s why working closely with our clients is crucial to understand your needs while manufacturing your products.

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