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New Product Development: We Gotcha Covered

Whether it’s an original idea or something you’ve seen in the market, The Clutch Group has your back. Coming up with the idea is the hardest part, and well…since you’ve got that one covered, it’s easy for us to come in and get the development process started so you can start making money fast!

The task of bringing a new product to market is complicated and full of frustration. Navigating the ins and outs is difficult. We know you’re fired up about starting the new product development process. You’ve envisioned every aspect of the idea you want developed and now you’re committed to seeing the idea come to life. So the question now is; what’s next?
The product engineering process is the keystone to the success and outcome of the product and often requires the most time, commitment, and money. With your vision and our practical knowledge of engineering, design, and manufacturing, you will be confident you’re in good hands. So once the product design and detailed engineering are completed, we can start the manufacturing process.

New Product Development


We encourage our clients to come with a plan or idea already in place, but if not The Clutch Group can jump in anytime and be a vital part of your team.


We know all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into your idea. While your prototype might be rudimentary, it’s a starting point to moving forward into pre-production!


If you have a prototype that needs further testing or requires additional design work, we have a team of engineers who can jump in at any point of development.

The Starting Point: More Than Just An Idea

Planning & Design

The process of creating a new product to bring to market obviously starts with a good plan & even better design. This design process focuses on elements of product creation; from analyzing specific materials being used to breaking down the different components of the product for consumer use while identifying the overall look and feel of the end user experience.

Customer Focus & Support: You Scale It, We Nail It.

Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our clients and want everyone to be successful. We know how hard it is bringing a product to market, that is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your ideas as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support around your idea.

Prototyping Your Product


 This is the exciting part of this process. This is where your idea becomes a tangible object. Prototyping aids in delivering the specifications for a real working model. The model will be refined and reworked until it meets your standards. This process could take some time depending on the complexity of your idea. Once the framework is complete we are off to the engineering phase.

We Want To Hear About Your Prototype!


Endless Possibilities: Your Imagination is the Limit

We believe the saying is true, “If you build it they will come”. We pride ourselves in taking on the hardest jobs. The Clutch Group’s extensive network allows us to create, design, and develop just about anything you can imagine. This simple yet powerful belief allows us to bring to life any product of your creation. We know, no two projects are alike, that’s why The Clutch Group prioritizes every project so each is given the proper attention it needs so you can start making money as soon as possible. With this in mind, let’s build it so they will come.


For purposes of this site, engineering is the final stage of the new product development process. Engineering is the practical knowledge & skills needed to improve designs, frameworks, blueprints, materials and processes. The engineering plans are also used in the development of the machines, creation of the dyes, and used to design the manufacturing processes. All in all this is a vital stage in the creation of a new product.

Our Incredible Commitment

We know how important each one of our client’s projects are to the future of their business. That’s why we listen to our clients and seek to understand your vision so that we can develop and deliver your perfect product.