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We Are Dedicated To Our Clients & Their Projects

The Clutch Group was created from a combination of necessity, passion, and a desire to help businesses bring to life their ideas. In the beginning we identified the difficulties firms experienced while producing and sourcing their products. As a result The Clutch Group stepped in to bridge that gap between the manufacturer and your business. Over the last 20 years we have established partnerships with a list of multinational manufacturing facilities.
With our vast network we are capable of producing and sourcing products in almost every industry, from home goods to high tech. By staying current on market trends and innovating processes The Clutch Group is at the forefront of generating the commercialization of new products as well as cool hunting the latest products on the market. So with that in mind, no matter if you’re just starting up or an established business, The Clutch Group is here to help.

We Are Here To Serve You

We know we are perfectly designed for the results you’re looking for. So, if your business is looking to source products currently on the market, then give us a call. If you’re a growing business looking for manufacturing that can keep up with your growing demand, than we are the right company for you. If you’re a start up company with a prototype of a product you want to bring to market, or if you’re an established company looking to have products sourced or manufactured, then The Clutch Group can get the job done. Our promise is to be as committed and passionate about bringing your ideas to life as you are.

Our Mission Statement

While we don’t believe in the wordy mumbo jumbo mission statements seem to verbalize, we however live by a set of core values that help us govern our actions in business:

  • We Succeed As You Succeed
  • We Are Committed To Making Our Clients Happy
  • Things Change, So Can We
  • Be Passionately Helpful
  • Invest In Our Clients
  • Honesty And Integrity Are Actions, Not Just Words
  • Small Jobs Are Just As Important As Big Jobs
  • Manage Expectations